About Us IncluDive Fueling Diversiy of Thought credit @vecteezy

We provide multiple ways to minimise social, cultural and technological exclusion

We are a global platform that helps diverse communities, entrepreneurs and businesses from minority backgrounds to start and scale their business.

We use technology and innovative methods to close inclusion and diversity gaps by engaging and giving voice to diverse communities.

Identify gaps in communities and ecosystems.

Mobilise the right people, tools and resources to aid in gap closing.

Engage communities and organisations towards common goals.

Empower communities, leaders and businesses with the goal of curating the innovation and technology ecosystem.


IncluDive primarily focuses on addressing inclusion and diversity barriers by leveraging the needs, strengths and aspirations of minority communities specifically those excluded due to ethnicity and structural and cultural inequalities.

With an experienced team of leaders, advocates and enthusiasts we are operationalising inclusion and diversity and making the world a place that everyone feels proud to be part of.

The need to push the agenda around inclusion & diversity is becoming more prominent as the benefits associated to an inclusive and diverse environment becomes more evident.

There have been significant advancements when addressing inclusion and diversity however, those advancement has not understood quantified and leveraged appropriately.

IncludDive goal is to close inclusion and diversity gaps by providing alternative and innovative ways to minimize social, cultural and technological exclusion.