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Hi Bruno, Welcome to the Gettopreneur’s Entrepreneurial Ghetto Exclusive interviews.

A space to celebrate and highlight the achievements underrepresented entrepreneurs as they boldly join the technology conversation.

It is crucial that all voices participate in the technological debate in order to build that tech that will speak and represent all parts of the society.


Bruno, we are really pumped to have you here on Entrepreneurial Ghetto. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Bruno Gabriel: First of all, thank you so much for having me. My name is Bruno Gabriel, I’m 25 years old, I was born in Angola but I’m an Irish citizen for a while now. 

I graduated in 2019, with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication. Now I am a motivational speaker and also a modern poet.


Modern poets, you have to tell us all about that.

Bruno Gabriel: Sure, most of my work can be seen on Instagram where I go by Man With Words “I’m the voice in your silence”.


Can you share one of your poems with us?

Bruno Gabriel:  Ok, here it goes…

Silence brings peace,

Words brings war,

if loving you means doing in silence

I’ll pair the same point of view,

Let the world unpair us

while in silence we are strongly


WOW, let this interview help with the silence and strong pairing. Let me take this opportunity to ask you, How did your journey start?

Bruno Gabriel: I’m a person with disability, born outside the European Union. 

Throughout my life I learned that life can be challenging but if we put our mind to it we can find cracks here and there to inspire others.

 In 2019 I started working with my community in South Dublin. I visited schools and spoke to the young and old about the need to succeed no matter the circumstances.

I showed them that my disability did not stop me getting my degree, being bullied, being called horrible names didn’t stop me getting where I am. 

Believe me, I’m nowhere near where  I want to be yet, however, I’m not where I used to be. 

I’ll keep inspiring and motivating others.


Bruno, most of our community is composed of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and those looking to start their entrepreneurial journey. 

What you have just said defines the true essence of an entrepreneur. 

You should not let anything stop you from achieving your goals, keep learning and evolving. That is the only way to leave behind those negative forces that want to stop you. 

On a positive note, what do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Bruno Gabriel: I love sharing my experiences with other people. We are living in critical times where  we have young adults taking their own lives.

I like to be there for them showing them that although life seems naturally complicated it’s just a temporary circumstance.  If you have the will to rise up, you will conquer not just the world but your inner suffering. 

I love with passion to create that bridge between the unknown and the realisation of it’s possible.


Indeed, I believe Ireland has one of the highest teen suicide rate in the Europe. 

Having you do what you do to help people, especially teens to rise up, that is truly special.

Bruno, talking about rising up, What would you consider to be your 3 major strengths and can you tell us areas you would like to improve?

Bruno Gabriel: I believe I have several strengths and weaknesses however, I believe that my three major strengths are that I am brave, I am persistent and also patient. 

In times of adversity I rise up. 

Areas to improve would definitely be to take time for myself, understand that the world is changing and be open minded more often.

Patience is a great strength, especially nowadays that we live in an instant world, which makes it difficult to pause, be patient and then take action.


Bruno, you said that you have had to overcome numerous challenges in this journey, to be where you are at this point in time. What have you learned?

Bruno Gabriel: I have learned that every journey has its own challenges, being in a wheelchair is a challenge, being a black person in a wheelchair it’s a bigger challenge.

I tend to ignore certain things that happen in life, as mentioned before I rise up when adversity calls. 

I have been rejected before, for example I had set up meetings for clients to say that they don’t need me anymore.

I learned to be patient and accept rejection. It’s part of my journey to be patient, brave and persistent with things you want.


That is a great nugget “Be patient, brave and persistent with things you want”.

This leads us perfectly to the next question. Do you have a daily work routine? If so, can you share it with us?

Bruno Gabriel: Not particularly, before COVID, I had a better work routine but after it, I had to stop and prioritise my health first.


COVID-19 has made us adjust to a new normal with remote and Hybrid work models being a reality, however as you said COVID-19 has helped us prioritise and put one’s health as a top priority.

Now that we have our priorities sorted… Can you tell us what was the best advice you ever received and what advice will you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Bruno Gabriel: As motivational speak myself I tend to listen to successful motivational speakers like Les Brown. 

I heard this from him: “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” 

I couldn’t agree more. As for the advice I would say “Life is full of obstacles conquer them all”


I have to say that we have been on an emotional rollercoaster and with every minute that passes we are getting a serious dose of motivation.

We are already looking forward to the second dose and all the boosters we can possibly get.

Can you let us know what book had the most impact in your life?

Bruno Gabriel: One of the best books I have ever read it’s the Bible. However, in terms of knowledge, being consistent in my daily work it has to be You’ve got to be hungry by Les Brown. It has helped me achieve lots of my goals. 


Bruno this is a question that our community loves. What is your favorite business/personal (tool software etc…) and why?

Bruno Gabriel: I mainly use Instagram and Facebook. 

I have a YouTube channel but  Instagram and Facebook are the main ones I use due to the nature of my work. 

They are essential tools I use to raise awareness about my work with everybody.


Bruno, if we could we would stop time. You have been an inspiration and our community is really lucky to have you. 

Folks, that concludes today’s ENTREPRENEURIAL GHETTO EXCLUSIVE interview with Bruno Gabriel.

As always If you have any other questions or would like to contact Bruno Gabriel, feel free to connect with him on:



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