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Hi Enolia, welcome to the Entrepreneurial Ghetto Exclusive interviews.

A space to celebrate and highlight entrepreneurial achievements as we boldly include underrepresented entrepreneurs in the technology conversation.

Let’s jump right into it, as we want to make the most of the time we have with you.

Enolia can give our community a quick intro… Who is Enolia?

 Enolia: Who is Enolia… Well the depth of years of experience and one’s inner wisdom cannot be captured in a “title”. 

I have been called Global Empowerment Leader, Entrepreneur, Global influencer, Life coach, International educator, Shaman, Modern day medicine woman…the list goes on. 

Having said that, I am known for my international workshops and retreats. I help entrepreneurs, global influencers and high profile leaders transform their life and activate their true potential to contribute to the world without risking professional image or legacies with World Class Personal Development and Coaching


Global Empowerment Leader, Entrepreneur, Global influencer, Life coach, International educator; it’s quite a list alright and one that our community can very much relate to.

Enolia, you also mentioned “Shaman” and “Modern day medicine woman”, Which makes me think that you are very spiritual too. 


What role can spirituality play in the life of an entrepreneur? 

Enolia: I think spirituality plays a vital role in the life of an entrepreneur. 

I has traveled the world to study with indigenous elders of the Ojibwa Lakota, Yaqui, Hopi, and Apache Nations of north America to the Mapuche of Chile and the Mayan & Toltec of Mexico to the Luhya of Kenya and Ovumbundu of Angola just to name a few. 

If you think about the word “indigenous” it represents the root… it represents the authenticity of who we are. 

The same for when you are building a business you communicate to your clients that you are coming from a place of love, transparency, trust and authenticity.

Spirituality allows you to be positive and have a nice balance between soul and mind and as a natural orator, I harmonise corporate experience with a broad knowledge base that includes many facets of energetic medicine, and all of which are focused on healing and the empowerment of the soul.​​


I like the way you say that the word indigenous represents the root and authenticity.  It is crucial for entrepreneurs when embarking on the entrepreneurial journey to know crystal clear the root cause of the problem you are trying to solve, be authentic and build on it. 

Talking about entrepreneurial journeys, can you tell us how your journey started?

Enolia: My journey started when I met my first indigenous elder who took me under her wing. 

It was then I learned to look inward and trust myself as well as the knowledge I already possessed. 

I found the courage to leave corporate and start my own business.


It’s often very hard to make that leap from corporate to setting up your own business. It’s important to have people like you or a platform where you can come talk, learn and find the courage to make the transition.

Having made that transition from corporate to starting your own business, what do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Enolia: What I enjoy the most abou what I do… seeing those that I work with being successful and rising to the occasion of their vision and dreams. 

Daring to step up to the challenge and breaking through judgements, fear and or trauma. Most importantly to see individuals bring forward the best version of themselves.


It’s all about giving forward and inspiring others, at Gettoprenuer we believe that by empowering local heroes we are creating future leaders.

Talking about creating future leaders, there is always a chat about the traits and habits of a leader. Let’s make this question more digestible by asking you, What would you consider to be your 3 major strengths and can you tell us areas you would like to improve?

Enolia: My strengths reside in my experience with cultures, my ability to listen and my ability to look at issues from a 360 degree view. 

I would like to improve my ability to speak multiple languages, my writing skills and my availability to gain more knowledge through reading.


Enolia, you do have a nice blend of corporate, entrepreneurial and academic experience. You hold a degree in mathematics and graduated in the top 1% of your MBA class. 

You  networked entire IT solutions for global organizations, in the profit and non-profit sectors, holds degrees and multiple certifications in technology, served on multiple boards. 

What are the challenges you have experienced in this journey and what have you learned?

Enolia: The greatest challenge I have learned is getting out of my own way. 

I have learned to trust my self, stand in my truth, turn my pain into power, know that I am worthy, that my voice is powerful, to not let judgements define me, that forgiveness is freedom and to stop giving my power away….and that all these are levers to create a strong foundation to build my life and business upon.


That is a great lesson, often the first person that stands in your way of success is yourself. 

Once you remove the fears and really believe that you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to… you are laying the foundation to achieve greatness. 

This eases us nicely to the next question: Do you have a daily work routine? And If so, can you share it with us?


Enolia: My routine varies in the mornings. However, I do not touch technology the first hour to hour and a half before I start my day to bring the clarity of my thoughts from the night’s rest.


I think most of us are guilty of instantly going online as one of the first things we do when we wake up. We should all give it a shot and try not to touch technology for the first couple of hours and use it as me-time. 

Now that we are on advice talking mode… Can you tell us what was the best advice you ever received and what advice will you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Enolia: The best advice I have received till date is that… “There is no such thing as no, but there is such a thing as not that way”. 

Meaning you cannot always approach life and business in one straight line and push your way though…sometimes you have to go over the obstacles, under or around them.

My advice would be… Dream a beautiful dream or you will be dreamt. 

Which means, if you do not hold a vision for yourself to aspire to, you will spend your life trying to fulfill how others think you should be.


This has been a very informative and spiritual chat, thanks for sharing all this knowledge and inspiration with our community. While we are on the subject of knowledge.

Can you tell us what was the most impactful experience in your life to date?

Enolia: The most impactful experience I have had has to be learning from indigenous elders from tribes around the world. This has truly transformed my life.


Just like that we have reached the end of our interview, but before we say our goodbyes. We still need to ask you one of our community’s favorite questions.

Enolia: Sure! Go ahead. 

What is your favorite business/personal (tool software etc…) and why?

Enolia: Even though I said said that for the first hour and half I do not touch technology 


Enolia, It has been an absolute pleasure to chat with you. It is crucial that all voices participate in the technological debate in order to build tech that will speak and represent all parts of the society.

This conversation has surely contributed massively to this goal.

Folks, that concludes today’s ENTREPRENEURIAL GHETTO EXCLUSIVE interview with Enolia.

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