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Hi Ian,

Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Ghetto 

Ian George: {Smiles} It’s a pleasure to be here.


Gettopreneur: Ian, before we start our conversation let me take the opportunity to let our readers know what Entrepreneurial Ghetto is all about.

There is often a negative connotation attached to the word Ghetto however, if you analise it carefully you begin to understand why we decided to name these inspirational entrepreneurial conversations as “Entrepreneurial Ghetto”.

Ghetto, is a part of a city in which members of a minority group live, especially as a result of social, legal, or economic pressure.

In the technology space minority groups have been systematically excluded from the Tech conversation and as technology is shaping the world we live in; it is crucial that all voices participate in this debate so that technology will speak and represent all parts of the society.

This is a much bigger conversation however; this intro eases us nicely to our first question.


Who is Ian Gorge, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Ian George: Sure! As I was saying, it’s a pleasure to be here.

My name is Ian George. I am a Sigma mindset Coach. I’m a single parent to a now young man and I believe that accountability and commitment creates sustainable change.

I’ve spent years of my life learning ways to deal with…well life and the effects it can have on our emotional/ physical patterns and all round mental health.

I have also studied different ways to turn our “weakness” into “strength”. Let me tell you it is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be painfully hard either. 


How did your entrepreneurial journey start?

 Ian George: I have always felt different to everyone else from when I was young. There was a moment in my life when my boss at the time was accusing me of being someone I wasn’t.

Then my girlfriend at the time was doing the same. 

I remember feeling trapped… Feeling like no one gets me… 

This situation forced me to look within and study things to do with mental health more than I ever did before.


So, you were already looking at mental health before?

Ian George: Yes, it was as a result of trying to improve my own mental health as I was suffering from anxiety and depression to name a few.

Then I noticed that there were a lot of people who felt like I did and I remember knowing I could help them. 

That is when my journey on becoming an entrepreneur started and never looked back.


“That is impressive… You were able to overcome all these obstacles in relation to your mental health and now you are using your learnings to help others. That is the true spirit of an entrepreneur.”


What do you enjoy the most about being a Sigma Mindset Coach?

Ian George: Undoubtedly, seeing the face of others becoming the version of themselves they never knew existed and meeting new and interesting people.


Talking about becoming the best version of oneself. What would you consider to be your 3 major strengths and can you tell us areas you would like to improve?

Ian George: My three major strengths…  My passion is one, My Introspective thinking and third I would say my ability to Recycle my pain.

I could probably improve on some of my introverted tendencies. There are times when I need a lot of alone time which helps me to center myself but I can sometimes stay in that peaceful place a little too long.


“One thing we always advise entrepreneurs is to listen to their inner voice, some may say… to go with your gut. However, it’s a challenge to clear your mind and listen to that inner voice and go with their gut.”


Having said that, what are the challenges you have experienced in this journey and what have you learned?

Ian George: I learned that some will confuse your confidence for arrogance.

Also, that you can’t choose this life JUST for the money because the money isn’t always there to fuel your ego. 

Make sure you find something to fuel your heart. I have learned that it is very important to have a positive circle of friends around you. They will be your eyes and ears for when life dulls your senses.


That is an excellent point Ian, money should not be the reason you embark on the entrepreneurial journey. There is a Portuguese proverb that says “if you run out of your will, you’ll never get tired. 

So, as you said, finding something that you are passionate about and using it to provide value is that fuel for the heart you are talking about.

Talking about getting tired… Do you have a daily work routine? If so, can you share it with us? 

Ian George: {Smiles} Sure, Wake Up Coffee – Exercise – Hot then cold shower.

Then I look at my work calendar. The work varies day to day but I always start the day a certain way so my mental health is ready for the rest of the day.


Ian, we are having such a great time and we are sure that our entrepreneurs will take great nuggets out of this interview.

Now that we mention nuggets, what was the best advice you ever received and what advice will you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Ian George: Stop trying to make everything perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. Take action, learn from it, then grow from it.



And just like that we are almost at the end of our interview. We would like to know what has impacted you the most in your life?

Ian George: My past pain for sure and people telling me I can’t do certain things. This experience has made me find the force I didn’t know was there.


What is your favourite business/personal (tool software etc…) and why?

 Ian George: My favourite business tool… Canva for my creative side, Planology to keep me organised to prevent burnout.


Ian, you have been an absolute sport.

Thanks for participating in our ENTREPRENEURIAL GHETTO Exclusive interview as well as sharing your thoughts with the community

Ian George: My pleasure.

That concludes today’s ENTREPRENEURIAL GHETTO EXCLUSIVE interview with Ian George.

If you have any other questions or would like to contact Ian George, feel free to connect with him on:

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