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Hi Kristy, welcome to Gettopreneur’s Entrepreneurial Series Exclusive interviews.

A space to celebrate and highlight entrepreneurial achievements as we boldly include ALL entrepreneurs in the technology conversation.

We believe that Entrepreneurship is for everyone and we make it our duty to remove as many obstacles as we can on your entrepreneurial journey.

We know all about work life balance and how maintaining a good balance translates into avoiding burnout. However, it is so easy as an entrepreneur to spend more than 12 hours a day working, sometimes seven days a week. 

Even after you are home you find it hard to tune out of work and rest your brain. Does this sound familiar? 

In this episode we will be chatting with Kristy Kilcup and highlighting the importance of Health and wellbeing in an entrepreneur’s life and why prioritising your health and wellbeing is crucial to propel you to entrepreneurial success.

Hi Kristy, we are delighted to have you here today with us! 

Can you briefly introduce yourself for those who still don’t know you?

Kristy Kilcup: Sure, I am Kristy Kilcup, I specialise in helping women overcome their relationship struggles with their food, body image and self-confidence through various scientific methodologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as through my personalised approach using Epigenetics


Thanks Kristy for that introduction. It is a great elevator pitch and one that our entrepreneurs should use as reference.

I like the way you call out your main audience “I specialise in helping women” and at the same time not closing the door to men. 

While we are on the entrepreneurial topic… Can you let us know how your entrepreneurial journey started?

Kristy Kilcup: Yes, back in 2001 when I started my first company, SYMMETRY Fitness Consulting, I realised that my passions for health and wellbeing extended beyond guidelines, rules and SOPs set by institutions. 

While I enjoy working for corporations and government agencies, working for myself has always allowed me to break through limitations imposed by those companies.


It is clear that working for corporations and government agencies gave you knowledge and experience. However when you saw the opportunity to make an impact your passion and ideas were not aligned with those of the cooperation or government agencies you were working with.

This is often the main reason lots of individuals start their entrepreneurial journey; they want to make a real impact and their passion and belief is the catalyst to make that leap.

As we often tell our readers; No matter what the reason for embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is, it is important to have the right mindset and do it for the right reasons.

For you Kristy, it was mainly to break through limitations imposed by those companies.

Now that you are helping women overcome their struggles through various scientific methodologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and not forgetting as well through your personalised approach using Epigenetics; 

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Kristy Kilcup: Helping people is what I enjoy the most and doing so in such a way where there are no barriers for growth, expansion, scale, magnitude or in the way I want to help people – there are no limits!


We definitely mirror those words, at GetToPreneur we a curating an ecosystem where all entrepreneurs can level up and grow impact lives and change the world as you boldly said “There are no limits!”

Talking of no limits, I think it is a good time to ask you what you consider to be your major strengths and areas you would like to improve?

Kristy Kilcup: My strengths come in my honesty, my intuition and my desire to improve my skills. My area of improvement is in my marketing and sales of what I have to offer. I don’t scream from the rooftops enough for people to realise that I can make a difference in their world.


Yes, intuition, many times labelled as one of the most powerful tools we as humans possess. The so-called “gut feeling,” “sixth sense” or “inner voice”.

I believe this goes back to your scientific methodology approach such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, where Psychological Sciences has often referred to intuition to the ability of the brain to make sound decision without analytical reasoning… and mastering your intuition is often correlated with frequent use… i.e. the more you use your intuition the better you get in making faster and more accurate decisions. 

Having said so, if you can couple intuition with data and business intelligence, then you are in another league altogether.

Talking of being in a league of your own; Can you tell us what are the challenges you have experienced in your entrepreneurial journey and what have you learned?

Kristy Kilcup: As a Founder and CEO you set the precedence. If you think you can, you will. 

If you think you can’t, you are also right and your team will always follow your lead. 

While I think it’s important to have a support system and network in place, when you are the leader you need to be prepared to shoulder those responsibilities and fears all the time. 

That is the nature of this line of work.


Great nugget Kristy, It’s important to have Leadership and build a sustainable structure that will be the core stone starting, scaling and reiterating.  

You said that this is the nature of this line of work… I will take the opportunity to ask you if you have a daily work routine? And If so, can you share it with us?

Kristy Kilcup: Yes, I do and I am happy to share. 

I meditate twice a day, I exercise 3-5 times a week and I also meal plan meals. Those are my non-negotiables. 

When those take place is based on the day, as my days are not as regimented. When I overstructure my days I rebel and lose focus. 

When I give myself permission to be flexible, outside of deadlines and client calls, then I’m more energetic, creative and proficient in my tasks.


Another great Nugget… It’s important to have a routine that works better for you, creating those great habits but most importantly remember to factor flexibility into your routine!   


Kristy, now that you are in the nugget dropping mode… Can you tell us what was the best advice you ever received and what advice will you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Kristy Kilcup: While my advice may sound counterproductive, I firmly believe that the hustle culture causes more burnout than success. 

So my advice would be to remember what you are passionate about and spend the time doing that. 

YES, the other tasks require attention, such as learning how to navigate the sale, income tax return and monthly business reporting. However, the longevity of being an entrepreneur comes when you learn to run your business in a way that brings you joy, creativity, and personal growth.


Great advice: Remember what you are passionate about and spend the time doing that. 

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Can you tell us what book or event that had the most impact in your life?

Kristy Kilcup: The Celestine Prophecies was the first book that tuned me into realising my potential. 

Tuning your Potential by Joe Dispenza is a daily ritual that has me overcoming any anxiety that arises with the lack of certainty (as an entrepreneur, we need to grow accustomed to the feeling of lack of certainty), and the Tony Robbins Mastery program has helped me navigate all aspects of my life, career, finances, relationships, and health.


As entrepreneurs you are in a constant learning and self improving mode with the goal of empowering others and achieving your maximum potential. 

Hence the importance of investing in yourself!

This interview has gone by so fast Kristy and we are now at the end of our interview.

As we are in the innovation and technology space our entrepreneurs and startups are always looking for tools and technologies that will not only make their lives easier but also help their customers.

So our last question for you today is: What is your favourite business/personal (tool software etc…) and why?

Kristy Kilcup: Kartra, Asana, Canva, and Grammarly

Kartra is an all-in-one software solutions platform for my online practice, offering email, sales pages, video hosting, LMS, etc. 

Asana is an excellent planning and project management tool; Canva is the only platform I use for all visual graphics, and Grammarly is what I use when writing my social posts, articles and presentations to ensure I can articulate myself clearly and effectively. 

I am not an affiliate of any of these.

Thanks Kirsty, I love the subtle disclaimer! It has been a pleasure to have you with us today and we look forward to chatting with you again. 

As we strive to create a platform where all voices participate in the technological debate in order to build tech that will speak and represent all parts of the society.

We hope this conversation has inspired you to pursue your dreams, connect with people and resources that will help you grow, don’t take no as an answer but as an opportunity and most importantly TAKE ACTION!

Folks, this concludes our ENTREPRENEURIAL EXCLUSIVE SERIES interview with Kristy Kilcup.

As always if you have any other questions or you would like to contact Kristy, feel free to connect with her on:


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